Wedding Planning Checklist

6 months to go

Start planning at least 6 months earlier as a wedding is no easy feat!


  1. Choose a season and finalize wedding date!
  2. Discuss the wedding budget and settle on an approximate figure.
  3. Do you want a destination wedding or a local one?
  4. Keepingyour budget in mind, make a list of the pre and post wedding events.
  5. Do an approximate headcount for each of these events
  6. Hire a wedding planner.
  7. If loan is required, research loan options and apply for loan.


  1. Shortlist venues for each of your functions, keeping in mind capacity and budget.
  2. Check out venues in person.
  3. Research on your wedding themes you may like.
  4. Check out DIY ideas if you want to personalise it.


  1. Go through invitation card designs and shortlist your favourites. OR come up with your own.


  1. Research honeymoon destinations.

5 months to go


  1. Book venues for all functions.
  2. Make sure you read the agreement and are on-board with everything.


  1. Finalize wedding invitation card along with design and wordings.
  2. Order wedding invitations cards.


  1. Look for preferred caterers.
  2. Go for food tasting with shortlisted caterers.
  3. Hire your favourite caterer.
  4. Finalise menus/s for your functions.


  1. Renew passports.


  1. Research and decide entertainment ideas as per functions.

4 months to go


  1. Make a detailed itinerary for each of the ceremonies along with time and date.


  1. Start sending out invitations.

Wedding Jewellery:

  1. Browse designs for wedding jewellery and approximate costs.
  2. Go jewellery shopping for rings, mangalsutra, etc.


  1. Research what kind of photography you want.
  2. Research photographers online. Check out some of their work to get a sense of their quality and style.
  3. Finalize Photographer.


  1. Book accommodation and tickets for your honeymoon.

3 months to go


  1. Decide theme for décor.
  2. Research decorators.
  3. Shortlist decorators and go through their offered décor ideas.
  4. Discuss with decorator on your choices.
  5. Book suitable decorator

Make Up:

  1. Book an appointment with a beautician and discuss with them if you need any hair or beauty treatment.
  2. Book an appointment with a fitness trainer to assess whether you want tolose or gain weight for the wedding.
  3. Join a fitness programme, if needed.
  4. Explore wedding functions hair and makeup styles.


  1. Discuss outfit, location and dates for pre wedding photoshoot. Keep an ideal date of 1 month prior to the wedding.
  2. Also discuss with him the list of events for photography and other details.


  1. Book all entertainers for all functions.


  1. Browse through various Mehendi designs.
  2. Research mehendi artists.
  3. Finalise and book your favourite mehendi artist.

Bridal wear:

  1. Check out outfits for wedding and other functions.
  2. Start visiting bridal and grooms wear stores.
  3. Buy all your wedding outfits and accessories.


  1. Research wedding favours.


  1. Shop for honeymoon.

2 months to go


  1. Join a dance lesson or hire a choreographer, if needed.


  1. Book hotels to accommodate out of town guests.


  1. Book transportation to and from venues.

Other vendors:

  1. Book a priest.


  1. Confirm honeymoon reservations.


  1. Decide return gifts and favours for each of our wedding functions.
  2. Shop for wedding favours.

Make Up:

  1. Book Makeup artist for guests.
  2. Go for a trial hair and make-up session.
  3. Book Makeup artist.

1 months to go


  1. Finalise the menu and do a food tasting.


  1. Make a list of things required for ceremonies, puja and rituals and scatter the list among dependable family members.

Make Up:

  1. Start taking your pre wedding beauty packages and follow a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Get your scheduled pre-wedding shoot done.


  1. Go through cake designs.
  2. Visit bakers and book a cake for your wedding.

Wedding Trousseau:

  1. Find Trousseau Packer and get trousseau packed.

Other vendors:

  1. Decide on the bride and groom entry ideas.

Make Up:

  1. Get your final haircut and colour.

Other vendors:

  1. Book security personal.


  1. Pack gifts and favours.


  1. Discuss with DJ/band/musician and make a list of all songs to play at each event. Ex: Bride and groom entry, etc.

2 weeks to go


  1. Reconfirm the presence and timing of vendors for their respective events.
  2. Go through the timeline of ceremonies with your family and close guests.

Bridal Wear:

  1. Check the fit of your outfits in as there has been a size change.
  2. Give outfits for steam iron and get them ready.


  1. Discuss with your photographer, hand him over list of important moments to capture.


  1. Finalize seating and decor arrangements.


  1. Rehearse dance.


  1. Pack for honeymoon.

1 week to go


  1. Pick up rentals, if any.
  2. Put together few meds to avoid distress and also if you have any allergies. Pack a bag of necessities like perfume, blotting tissues, etc.

Make Up:

  1. Give yourself a relaxing spa and massage.

The wedding day

  1. Sleep for 9 hours the night before.
  2. Eat a good breakfast! Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  3. Put a smile on your face.
  4. Get married!!

Post wedding

  1. Review and send a thank you note for all your vendors
  2. Make sure you source pictures of every moment from you friends and fam. Just in case the photographer missed something.
  3. Give all your outfits for cleaning and keep them at safe place.
  4. Take a spa or massage to relax through post wedding exhaustion.
  5. Leave for the honeymoon!

More than 1 year

  1. Decide on a personal date to get married
  2. Employ an expert wedding coordinator
  3. Determine the amount of attendees, venue and time of day for the marriage event
  4. Come to an agreement on the wedding finance and expenses and how the costs are going to be split between both bride and groom’s families
  5. Discuss about the schedule of events that would take place on your wedding day
  6. Systematically monitor the wedding expenses and track who paid for each of the expense item
  7. Organize aninvitee list which includes family and friends from both sides of the family
  8. Think about inevitable factors which may affect your wedding event (e.g. climate conditions, national elections, etc.)
  9. Book your marriage ceremony site
  10. Reserve marriage reception site
  11. Book your bridal ceremony & reception photographers
  12. Book your bridal ceremony & reception videographers
  13. Choose the wedding concept and colour scheme
  14. Update your passport & visa for your honeymoon

6 to 12 months

  1. Book the wedding planner
  2. Book your marriage event musicians
  3. Book your marriage event florists and decorators
  4. Book your marriage event caterer
  5. Book your marriage event entertainment
  6. Choose who are your bridesmaids and best men
  7. Choose who will be the emcee of your event

4 to 6 months

  1. Book hiring materials required for your marriage ceremony
  2. Book your cosmetic stylist, hair dresser and mehendi artist
  3. Book your wedding suite
  4. Complete attendance list and get the wedding invitation postal addresses
  5. Choose and buy wedding card invitations; remember to include map location of the wedding event venue
  6. Draft and send electronic invitations
  7. Compile an index of people to assist you on the wedding day( guest ushers, gift attendant, wedding & reception coordinator, food catering coordinator etc.) and their tasks
  8. Start preparing for the honeymoon

2 to 4 months

  1. Book your special wedding cake
  2. Book your wedding car, as well as decor for the wedding car and bridal party entourage
  3. Buy or rent wedding costumes
  4. Buy or rent wedding costume for parents, best men & bridesmaids
  5. Buy thank you gifts for wedding assistants and guests
  6. Prepare things to do for the guests who are from outstation
  7. Make a visit to the dentist to cleanse or whiten your teeth

6 to 8 weeks

  1. Post marriage invitation cards and email electronic invitations
  2. Monitor invitations sent out and responses received, and send thank you notes for guests who provided presents
  3. Buy or rent bride’s accessories
  4. Buy the bride’s shoes
  5. Buy the bridaljewellery (thali, matrimonial rings, etc.)
  6. Organize safety escort for bridal entourage which wear weighty jewellery
  7. Complete catering arrangements with the caterer
  8. Organize pre-wedding and bridal portrait photography to be taken

2 to 6 weeks

  1. Finalize marriage ceremony particulars with marriage officiant
  2. Follow-up with invitees who have yet to reply and complete arrangements for guest seating
  3. Compose a comprehensive timeline of the wedding event
  4. Give a copy of the wedding schedule to your wedding vendors
  5. Decide who will usher the bride and groom on the wedding day
  6. Give a checklist of photos you would like captured to your photographer
  7. Give a list of special people or events you want included in the video to your videographer
  8. Give the list of songs you would like played at your wedding event to the deejay
  9. Create the wedding venue direction guide boards, gift collection box and guestbook
  10. Beautify both bride and groom’s home

7 days

  1. Ensure your bridal attire fits and make any alterations if necessary
  2. Appoint your wedding car drivers
  3. Review your wedding schedule
  4. Give a copy of the wedding layout to your venue manager and caterer
  5. Confirm the guest count and give to your venue manager and caterer
  6. Let your wedding vendors know of any last minute changes
  7. Confirm honeymoon reservations and prepare for your honeymoon
  8. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bridal guest list

One day

  1. List down items to be brought on the wedding day and perform a full review of the items on this checklist
  2. Appoint someone you trust to assist you in paying the wedding vendors after the wedding event is completed
  3. Appoint an individual to give back hired items once the event is completed
  4. Appoint an individual to assist in placing wedding location direction guide boards at proper locations
  5. Appoint an individual to manage the wedding caterers and the wedding venue arrangement
  6. Arrange an individual to manage the wedding floor –to coordinate the emcee, DJ, entertainers, site lighting etc.
  7. Give the finalized wedding schedule to all members of your wedding party
  8. Give the finalized wedding schedule to all wedding vendors
  9. Communicate seating arrangements with ushers

Wedding day

  1. Enjoy the wedding you planned and relax!