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Pre-Event Support

Guestlist Management & Finalization Stationery Design Card Segregation, Assembly & Distribution Rooming List Formatting, Managing & Completion Vendor Selection & Finalization Procurement of Hamper Items, Assembly & Placement Finalization & Procurement of Props, Room Drops & Thank You Gifts


Event Planning

Our one and only goal is to give an unforgettable experience to every attendee at the event. Right from the vibrant mehndi and the extravagant Sangeet night to the pheras and a reception ceremony decoration let us help you experience Uniquess with us for your special day with a galaxy of fresh ideas!

Innovation and unforgettable experience is our only goal. We make sure the events for your wedding are similar, be it the theme, the decor or F&B requirements. We, The Luxury Wedding Designers, cater to everyone from the smallest requirements to the big ones. Because a wedding is not just about the bride and groom.


Location & Scouting

The main point of a wedding is to start the marriage with the power of everything loving and positive. Weddings are joyful events and should guests not be happy, it can negatively impact the positive feeling in the air. There is no denying that the perfect wedding location goes a long way in ensuring that all the guests arrive and leave happy.
From starting early (aim to begin your search at least a year out!) to select a location that suits your wedding style, these criteria will ultimately make or break any prospective venues. Having a beautiful location is a prerequisite to a successful event but apart from its beauty, there are several other factors to be taken into consideration before freezing a location.


Hotel Contracting

We know choosing the correct location is very important but another thing that comes next is choosing the right hotel. It is the space where all the guests would be there. It’s not only the room and adequate banquet, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event for you and we want to take care of the smallest details and give you an unforgettable experience.
The luxury wedding Designers team ensures that the hotel caters to all needs of guests before the need arises.


Aircraft Chartering

Once we finalise your dream location, the next step is to get all the guests to a location with all facilities and convenience. We can charter a flight for you if the location is not easily accessible.

The number of passengers to be moved, distance to be covered, the refueling and parking and being cost effective are some points we take into consideration before chartering a flight.

Chartering an aircraft adds to the luxury of an event. From personalized meals to seat covers, we can do it all.


Ground Transport

Once you have reached the destination, the LWD team would ensure we would be the first point of contact for your arriving guests and would be very efficient, warm, and professional.

We would arrange a functional travel desk that would be managed through the event. We will also ensure all the arriving guests are personally received by the LWD team. We at LWD, make sure each guest receives this information in advance in order to provide a sense of security and safety to them before they arrive.

It’s not only about arranging vehicles, we also take care of their luggage. We understand people tend to travel heavy at social events. We arrange luxury cars and coaches for the guests, so they travel conveniently and hassle-free.


Culinary Experiences

We understand that food plays a major part in all your events, which is why we have an in-house team of F&B experts. The team customises the whole menu keeping in mind what your taste and preferences are.

Allow us to give you a good mix of comfort and new age food, keeping in mind specific allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions.

Fancy beverage menu with entertaining bartenders. Alcohol selection and choices that you will never forget. Let the LWD team show you the real meaning of luxury, events that will be unforgettable.



What are wedding events without any entertainment? We bring the letters to enter in the word entertainment. Right from Singers, Dances, Dj’s, VJ’s, mentalists, we would arrange everything for you.

Choosing the right artist for the right function. Adding fun elements to enhance the whole experience. Let us give you an experience that would be memorable not only for the bride and groom but for the guest present in the events as well.
We understand the value of money, so we ensure the artists come at the right price and perform as the requirement of the guest.



India’s wedding means lots of Jewelry being involved. We make sure there are extra safes in the rooms of immediate family members and if that's not enough we position a security guard in the family corridor.

We also have a separate management team for VVIP guests and their immediate family members. The team takes care of everything, right from arrival to their departure.

We also ensure maximum compliance to Fire, Life & Safety as per local laws.


Wedding Rituals

We take care of all your requirements. From appointing a pandit (if required) to taking care of all the demands. We make sure there is a translation of verses during Phera’s for our Foreign Guest. Musical Pheras with explanations of the shlokas.
All pre-wedding rituals like Bhat, Haldat, Telban, etc are taken care of and built into the program schedule.



We will take care of scheduling fittings with big designer houses (Manish Malhotra, TarunTahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherjee) for selection for your dream event outfits.
We can also have a design house come to you rather than you going to them because of our one to one contact with them.


Nek Chaar

Nek Chaar is all the items that are required for the religious function. These items play a very important role during the time of the Puja/Havan/Phera. We make sure all these items reach Panditji on time.

We also assist clients in gathering items generally required in each function so that nothing gets missed.


Frequently Asking Questions

What is this term Destination Wedding all about?
It just like taking a mini vacation and inviting your friends and families along to attend one’s dream wedding. It is more fun, a less formal affair. Where in a typical traditional wedding, people just come to attend the event and go home; in a destination wedding, friends and families have nothing to do except have fun at all the events, engage themselves in various ritual ceremonies, eat, drink and dance. One need not worry about anything! And yes, you also avoid all the social drama as most people only invite their closest friends and family to a destination wedding; people with whom they really want to share their Wedding Day.
How far in advance should one start planning for their destination wedding?
Destination Wedding encompasses various elements: it takes quite a lot of planning and research. The initial two-three months would just go in brain storming about the right location, planning the budget and logistics etc. Also, most weddings of this sort involve flights and accommodation so one should at least have a lead time of 10-12 months for the planning of a destination wedding. Planning in advance would also assure you of the best rooms and flight rates.
What should I keep in mind prior to choosing a location?
Logistics is foremost; when you choose a city, it must be well connected via air and road. If you have time on hand, make sure you visit the place at least once. Even if you have visited the destination earlier, visit it again and this time consider all that would be going on at the wedding so it would be a different view this time!
Think about the weather, if it would be cold or raining or unpleasantly hot etc. In the off seasons, one can get good rates but you also risk the heat or rains. We recently had a monsoon wedding in October in Thailand where it does not generally rain at the time, but it did on the wedding day so we somehow managed to get Phreas under the Mandap just in time! The Rain Gods relented a bit, so all went okay!
And then come the hotels: first consider if you would have any elders family members. One must consider this as heritage hotels don’t always have elevators and lifts unless they are renovated. Also, their steps may not be easy to climb. Secondly, you need to consider the number of rooms your hotel has and the kind of spacious lawns it has. If you are opting for a Beach Hotel then do consider how far the beach is from the hotel. If it is not near, you will need hotels which provide free shuttle services to the beaches. And the last but not the least; do consider the Service Levels. If you have planned everything well then apart from the weather, it’s the hotel’s service level which can make or break the wedding.
Can a Destination wedding be planned without a planner?
There are so many complications that one can’t even think of doing a destination wedding without a planner. After all, as we say, it is a mini-vacation. And here, like on a tour, it does not stop with just booking flights and rooms. It would be an ongoing task until your guests depart. Do you really want to worry about the seating arrangement when you would be taking Phreaks or while you are at your first dance do you want to be worried about whether the fireworks go out in time? If not, then hire a planner. You can give them all the details, and get a solution which is the right fit for those details. They may charge you for the co-ordination etc., but a hassle-free wedding is more important than money spent. This is also the best wedding gift you can give to yourself.
Find one who specializes in destination weddings. Getting events in place for evenings is different and knowing the locals, advising and coordinating travel, staying arrangements, transport, suppliers and arranging for your wedding vacation is different. Also, a lot of times, Welcome across couples who consider travel agents for doing all this. Yes, travel agents are good at getting flight rates and hotel rates, etc. but Wedding planners are good at planning the complete wedding and coordinating; so it best to leave this task to them.
What exactly will Luxury Wedding Designers be responsible for?
Everything! We’d consult, plan and coordinate every aspect of your wedding. Right from suggesting relevant destinations, travel packages, hotel booking, transportation and logistics, trousseau, booking caterers, designers, photographers, DJ, taking care of wedding favours and arranging for sight-seeing. Memorable Indian Weddings aim at providing you with all the possible services that you’d otherwise have to do on your own.
Why should we hire you?
Some people consider hiring wedding planners as nothing but an urban extravagance. Planning a wedding is both tricky and tedious and a destination wedding in particular could spell complete doom if you want to do it yourself.
In today’s fast-paced life, the mantra has become “if you can get it done by someone better, get it done”.
Most couples stay in a different city or even a different country and to plan a wedding in a location they have never been to before, is no walk in the park or more like a walk to the altar. Add to this, the number of vendors who are fervently on the lookout for couples who have no idea about the exact market price and then they charge them almost double the amount, skyrocketing their budget There is a need for good organizing skills to make everything fall in place right from booking the hotel to the reception ceremony.
Hiring a wedding planner would take the uncertainty off of your shoulders; you have someone to bank upon and someone who can guide you through. At Memorable Indian Weddings, we have tie-ups with travel agencies, hotels and vendors to ensure that our clients get the best possible deals.
We organize and coordinate your entire wedding saga while listening to your requirements and wishes.